Rolling road

At classic and race we can cater for a range of needs, from a simple power run to ascertain the vehicle’s horsepower to a full engine tuning session making adjustments to fueling and ignition to ensure engine is running to full health and potential. We will take the up most car with your car and will carry out basic safety checks before running car on the rollers.

We have a Bosch LPS  200 inertia chassis dynamometer, with the latest performance trend software  using its own weather station for correction factors and a wide-band lambda sensor for accurately measuring air fuel ratio.
We can produce accurate plotted  power and torque graphs, showing power and torque at the driven wheels. The software also allows us to overlay graphs to show any improvements or  disprovements after adjustments are carried out, which also shows good  repeatability during power runs. We have good stock of carburettor needles  and jets. We specialise in tuning many forms of carburettors, for example Weber’s, SU’s, Dellortos etc

We will successfully tune anything from 1960s historic formula junior and other single seater racing cars, to classic road going cars such as E-type Jags, Mini or practically anything with a carburettor.